Content Writer and Editor

I’m more than a freelance writer and editor. I’m an accomplished copywriter, blogger, and ghostwriter.

Content is Queen! And, the best copy will make services and products stand out from the competition while also creating a sense of authority as well as community.

The internet has changed the way we make decisions. Most American consumers have a smartphone to help them research goods and make educated purchases.

All content needs to simultaneously please two entities; the reader and the search engine. While automatic content creation may just slide under Google radar, individuals are turned off by awkward syntax. Who wants to read stereo instructions thrown together by a robot?

Publishing quality content shows readers that you know what you’re doing. Although the average person won’t be aware that copy has switched from AP to MLA style, they will notice typos and when things just don’t sound right.

An editor will make sure the audience isn’t distracted by mistakes. Grammar, clarity, style, and structure all play a part in the reader’s experience. Well-edited copy shows quality and professionalism as well as value.

For the past decade, I’ve worked with clients and companies to create and finesse:

  • Website content.
    • Search engine-optimized copy.
    • Blog posts.
    • Product descriptions.
    • Landing pages and long-form content.
  • Copywriting.
    • Sales copy.
    • Email campaigns.
    • SMS and text messages.
  • Social media content.
    • Posts.
    • Infographics.
    • Marketing calendar.
    • Newsletters.
  • Technical content.
    • How-to guides.
    • Case studies.
    • White pages.
    • E-books.

Check out my resume on LinkedIn for specific professional details and my portfolio for writing samples and copies of my published work.

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