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Black Lives Matter to Businesses

The masses take to the streets in protest only to receive more violence from the hands of the country’s military. But, the strategies that elicit revolution need to adapt, and businesses are the key.

The domino effect of this year’s events has everyone off balanced; COVID-19, killer wasps, the murder of George Floyd, and the subsequent repercussions. If the “Make America Great Again” campaign truly wanted to revert to the over-glorified midcentury, it succeeded in setting us back to a period of civil unrest, injustice, and flagrant disregard for human life.

Many brands are issuing words of support, positioning themselves as a resource, and speaking about diversity moving forward. One of the reactions that businesses are taking in the #BlackLivesMatter movement is a stronger push for inclusion in the workplace. Corporations are looking at people of color and women for positions in upper management in response to blatant racism, which is a weak pivot from the real issue.

Hiring and promoting a diverse workforce is not a new concept. Companies and organizations speak about inclusion like it’s a brand new idea rather than an ideal the country has struggled with since the Reconstruction Era. The United States has ineffectively used affirmative action and employer subsidies to amend some racial biases for the last 150 years.

But words about diversity feel a bit hollow to employees and concern citizens who asked, “What are we going to do about police brutality?”

Like most politics, it is going to take the positions of power corporations hold to make any real change. We need the deep pockets of big businesses.

CEOs need to give more than just empty words of support on social media. Change means more than switching your profile pic. Change, in this case, actually means cash.

So, what are businesses going to do about police brutality?

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