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Other Places to Find Me

One of my passion projects is my TravelWriteHer website, which details my travel experiences. Working as a freelance writer and editor gives me the ability to work wherever there is WiFi. So, I started the blog just before a 90-day trip to Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, France, and Spain.

My goal with TravelWriteHer is to:

  • Empower all people to travel and get out of their comfort zones.
  • Encourage more women to travel to exotic locations and explore a path of self-discovery.
  • Inspire fellow travelers, by example and through solo travel and safety tips I’ve learned over the years, to go on trips alone.

In addition to my travels abroad, I also discuss domestic adventures since relocating. I decided to explore more local areas since eight other states surround Tennessee.

Travel photos are a big part of my adventures, and enthusiasts can check out my Instagram and Facebook at the same username.

Other Writers and Editors to Check Out

Meagan Kimberly is a content writer, reader, editor, traveler, and fangirl extraordinaire. Check out her blog for book reviews, poetry, fiction, and travel stories.

I had the pleasure to work with Caitlin Diamante and watch her grow from an online writer to editor and then Content Team Lead.

A former co-worker, Carlos Olaechea has transformed his talent for writing and love for food into a promising career. You can find his food articles and culinary tours on his website.

When I had questions about new SEO practices or software used at our job, Taryn Bell would always summarize the pertinent details I needed. It’s no wonder that the company saw her natural aptitude for teaching and put her in charge of training new writers. She is also a talented writer and skilled editor.