Best Travel Destinations Based on Your Enneagram

Discover the best vacations based on your Enneagram type. Find out where you should plan your next trip to fit your travel personality.

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1 The Reformer

Ones are the rational yet idealistic type. As perfectionists, they are principled, self-controlled, and always trying to improve things. Some might see the Reformer as critical or impatient, but it’s because they have a purpose and drive as well as self-defining high values to live up to.

Reformers can enjoy the well-organized country of Norway.

2 The Helper

Twos are the caring and empathetic type. As people-pleasers, they are generous, friendly, and loving. The Helper is self-sacrificing and often puts the needs of others before their own. This desire to help others comes from a desire to be wanted and loved.

Helpers needing time to recharge and help themselves to some rest and relaxation will enjoy New Zealand. Twos can also book time at a local spa for a staycation.

3 The Achiever

Threes are the success-oriented, driven, image-conscious type. Being ambitious, they excel in their endeavors and are adaptive to reach their goals. Although competitive and workaholics, the pragmatic Achiever are often role models to others.

Achievers will feel at home in Japan, as it’s known for its efficiency. It’s also the perfect destination for Threes traveling with Sixes.

4 The Individualist

Fours are the quiet, withdrawn, and sensitive type. They are often artists, actors, and other creatives, as they are also dramatic, expressive, and emotionally honest. While they can be moody and melancholy, the Individualist also renew themselves through experiences.

Individualists are also the romantic types who would appreciate France — particularly Paris — and Italy. Additionally, moody fours may find solace amongst the brooding and creative locals in Russia.

5 The Investigator

Fives are the intense, perceptive, and insightful type. Naturally curious, they find innovative ways to gain knowledge and figure things out. The isolated Investigator is often secretive or preoccupied with cerebral thoughts.

Investigators get their kicks finding out new details and, therefore, would revel in uncommon, off-the-beaten-path locations, such as the Polar regions. Other areas Fives would enjoy Cuba, Israel, and Palestine.

6 The Loyalist

Sixes are the committed, reliable, and security-oriented type. Always the responsible ones, they are stable, self-reliant, and great problem solvers. However, this can make them anxious and stressed.

Loyalists can lower their suspicions in Germany, which has a structure that can help them relax while still engaging in the culture. Likewise, Japan is a beautiful and safe option.

7 The Enthusiast

Sevens are the busy and extroverted type. Fun-loving, they always want to try new and exciting experiences. While they are spontaneous and versatile, the Enthusiast is also easily distracted and undisciplined.

Enthusiasts cannot settle for just one location. Adventure-seeking Sevens will only be satisfied once they’ve traveled the world. Sevens enjoy cruises that have stops in multiple countries. For instance, a Mediterranean cruise can stop in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

8 The Challenger

Eights are the self-confident, charismatic, and assertive type. With powerful personalities, they can seem dominating or even confrontational. But, the willful Challenger is also resourceful, decisive, and protective.

Challengers will find like-minded brethren in Australia, as Aussie’s aren’t afraid of a challenge.

9 The Peacemaker

Nines are the easygoing and stable type. Receptive and agreeable, they like to keep the peace and avoid conflict. The self-effacing Peacemaker simplifies problems, minimizes discords, and creates a peaceful environment.

Peacemakers needing a break from refereeing the other personality types should check out India or Israel.

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