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Getting Snubbed in Dublin

Imagine being alone in a foreign country with no place to stay. Check out how this solo female traveler transformed an emergency into a great trip.

I usually stay in Airbnbs because hostels, while cheaper, are terrible.
On my 30th birthday, I booked a bed in a 15-bed mixed gender room of a hostel. There were five triple bunk beds and no floor space for luggage. Privacy was non-existence. I felt that if I had left my belongings unattended, then I’d never see them again.
After that experience, I vowed to only choose places that were secure and up to my personal standards. What can I say? I’m a princess.
However, due to a broken promise, I had to stay in a hostel once again in Dublin, Ireland.

An Irish Romance

As adamant as I am about keeping to safe practices while traveling alone, I’m also a big romantic. I met an Irish man at a bar in Belfast.
Originally from the area, he travels to the Northern Ireland city from Dublin to visit family. Upon learning that I was to visit Dublin in two weeks, he offered to host me for a weekend.
TRAVEL TIP: Never rely on strangers.
A few days before I was to go to the country’s capital, he messaged me saying that there was a family emergency and that he could only host me Friday night and not Saturday. Telling him I understood, I asked if I should simply book a place for the whole weekend, to which he ensured me that he still wanted to see me Friday night.

You’re gonna kill me but tonight’s not gonna happen. I gotta go home in like an hour.”
– Text Message

Two hours before taking my train from Galway to Dublin, he messaged me again saying that things had escalated and that he was leaving for Belfast immediately. No apology, no details, no offer to assist me in any way.

Professional Travel Tips

After frantically scouring the internet, I ended up canceling my Airbnb for Saturday night and booking a bed at a hostel for the weekend. The hostel had, for lack of a better word, cages to store your luggage and belongings and secured with locks as well as monitored by camera.
TRAVEL TIP: If you are going to be impulsive, then make sure you have the funds to get out of a sketchy situation.
While staying in a hostel with five other adults is uncomfortable and awkward to me, it’s a great place to meet people looking to explore the area. Being the type to make the best of things, I booked a pub crawl through the hostel and spent the night getting drunk with my fellow travelers from the hostel.
I never heard from the Irish man ever again, although he still watches my Instagram stories.

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If you wanna start a novel writing club, you know where to find me. I just finished the first draft of my first full-length manuscript and I’m having my cousins go through it with me, but I can always use another set of eyes. Binta’s also checking it out 🙂

OMG yes! I would love to. I plan to start writing creatively again (other than this blog) on 1/21. Maybe we can set up a group? I use to have one in LA and half the group would submit 15 pages a week and the other half the next week so you are forced into writing 15 pages every two weeks, which I think is a reasonable pace. Although I’m honestly thinking about switching from novel to screenplay cause I think it’s easier. (shrug)
Email me your manuscript to read and I’ll give you feedback when I can.

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