Planning a Trip for the Girls

Any group trip is more challenging to plan when it comes to choosing a hotel, excursions, and other details that everyone agrees on. Check out tips on planning a girls’ trip that everyone will love!

There are plenty of reasons for a girl trip! Birthday parties, bachelorette’s, Fridays… But any group trip is more challenging to plan when it comes to choosing a hotel, excursions, and other details that everyone agrees on.

Recently, I co-hosted a friend’s bachelorette party in Reliance, Tennessee. The bride-to-be wanted a glamping trip with a white-water rafting excursion.

Getting accommodations for a group always presents challenges, but finding one in the woods was surprisingly easy. We stayed in a cabin through Airbnb that was off-grid in Reliance. Since I’m not a big wilderness person, I wanted to make sure we would be comfortable with:

  • Multiple bedrooms.
  • A large bathroom.
  • Plenty of parking.

I thought I had booked us into a horror movie while passing by a church compound, but the weekend seclusion was a refreshing detox from social media. We made s’mores by the fire pit, play Cards Against Humanity on the porch, and focused on each other instead of our phones.

Choosing an event that everyone likes and will participate in can be difficult. Since not everyone in our party felt comfortable white-water rafting, we also planned a hiking trip to a waterfall at a separate time. That way, everyone had the opportunity to participate in each group activity or just select one. 

The river trip we took through Wildwater Rafting was awesome. Although I’m not an outdoorsy person, I like anything with water. Our guide, Grant, was friendly and fun to chill with during the three-hour trip. At one section, the canoe slalom venue for the 1996 Summer Olympics, Grant pulled a rider out of the river after a raft tipped.

We checked out Flip Flop Burger, which had delicious food and good live music. A few of us did cartwheels in the field while others took pictures with off-leash dogs. It was a perfect low-key night out.

Have an upcoming group trip? Check out the five tips below.

5 Tips for Planning a Girls’ Trip

1. Choose a planning committee of one or two people.

2. Determine a price everyone is comfortable spending.

  • Ask for donations for decorating or supplies; do not go over your personal budget!

3. Narrow-down options and post them in a group chat. 

  • Try to present no more than three choices. 
  • If it’s a bachelorette, then have a separate chat without the bride so you can surprise her with some details.

4. Avoid feeling overwhelmed by delegating some tasks to a responsible friend.

5. Figure out one event that everyone can enjoy or two options most people want to do.

  • Keep fitness and dietary needs in mind.

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