What to Expect at Moulin Rouge in Paris

Are you thinking about buying Moulin Rouge tickets for an upcoming trip to Paris? Learn what to expect at the infamous venue and tips on how to save money.

You saw Moulin Rouge! with Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor and want to relive the magic of the musical, or you are absolutely entrenched with the rich and sordid history of where the Can-Can started. Although the original Moulin Rouge red windmill (Moulin means mill, Rouge means red) has been replaced, the tits and ass entertainment of the infamous stage has remained (with quite a few upgrades).

How much are Moulin Rouge tickets?

First, pre-booking is a requirement, and tickets sell quickly. You can order Moulin Rouge tickets online and in person. I attempted to buy tickets over the phone to no avail, and, instead, purchased mine in person for a same-day show.
Standard showtimes are set at 7 (with dinner), 9, and 11 pm. However, guests who purchase the dinner show will be served their meal and actually view the show at the following time (9 pm, respectively). As such, tickets for the shows that include a meal are the most expensive at 185 to 195 euros. VIP dinner tickets, which include champagne, macaroons, and use of the cloakroom, cost an addition 235 euros.img_8979
Note: While there are matinees at 1 (with lunch) and 2:45 pm, but these are set only for certain times a year.
The two later shows can be as little as 87 euros or as much as 150. Again, VIP access will increase ticket prices another 100 euros. Keep in mind that there are additional fees to use the cloakroom if the VIP access is not selected.
Tip: If you would like to drink champagne while watching the Moulin Rouge show for less than the VIP fee, then simply select the standard ticket and add bottle service. This will show up in the form of a pop-up when ordering tickets online, or you can request this when making the reservation in person.

What to wear to the Moulin Rouge cabaret?img_8966

Like Broadway, Moulin Rouge shows are big, gorgeous spectacular, spectacular. As such, the dress code for Moulin Rouge is between business casual and black tie. While I wore nice black jeans, a basic white tank, and pearls, many of my fellow show-goers were lavish gowns, furs, and suits. Items you cannot wear include the following:

  • Shorts (Bermuda shorts as well)
  • Fipflops
  • Sportswear
  • Sports shoes (like sneakers)

Where is Moulin Rouge?


The Moulin Rouge is located in Montmartre, the 18th district. Accessible through the metro (Blanche on Metro Line 2), tourists will be able to find street artists to sketch their portrait as well as sex shops, peeps shows, and other offers in the red light district of Paris.
Tip: The metro in Paris is a wonderful and easy way to get around the city. Buy a 10 or 20 pack of tickets to reduce the cost of each fare.

My Experience at Moulin Rouge’s Féerie Show

Going to Paris has been a long-awaited dream for me. I decided in my teens that I would only go to the City of Lights when I could truly afford it. With my Moulin Rouge ticket ($158) in hand, I walked down from my Airbnb near Pigalle.
img_8935Inside was hues of red and pink running from the floor to the ceilings and illuminated posters of attractions and acts. After checking our tickets, we were ushered (or herded like cattle) into what can only be described as a large holding room where we waited in a uniform mass to move to the next room. You see, the tickets do not note where you will be sitting, as table assignments are determined just before the show.
The ballroom (or Bal du Moulin Rouge) is dark yet vast. The ceiling is partially covered by a red and white striped tapestry, giving off a circus vibe, and the railings are heart-shaped for a romantic atmosphere. Tables are positioned to hold the most number of people, creating narrow aisles for the servers to maneuver. Seating is available on multiple levels but the best tables are the ones touching the stage, which is where I sat.img_8937
Note: Taking photos of the Moulin Rouge show is forbidden due to copyright and security reasons. My phone had a technical seizure.
To the right of the stage (or stage left), a waiter opened up my bottle of Chaudron champagne as I waited for the show to start. The Féerie revue has been performed at the Moulin Rouge since 1999. However, each show is subject to slight differences, as the venue incorporates different acts from performers brought in from all over the world.

Is Moulin Rouge worth the ticket price?

If you are in Paris, then I would absolutely recommend going to this show. I counted 24 musical numbers within the two-hour production, which may be low since I was wrapped up in the energy of the Moulin Rouge. Going to Paris and missing a Moulin Rouge show is like going to New York City and skipping Broadway.img_8973
The catchy music, the epic costumes, and the beautiful and talented performers are the top reasons to see the show. Although the building has been reconstructed after the devastating 1915 fire, simply being in the same place as some of the greatest French artists like Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, dancers like La Goulue, writers like Colette, and several members of the English royalty brings a majestic feeling.

Who Should Not See Moulin Rouge

If you have a problem with seeing 15 pairs of tits bouncing in front of you, then do not go to see Féerie. There is nothing blatantly sexual about the show or any reenactments of a sexual nature. However, I wouldn’t bring my grandma.
img_8975The show is completely in French and does not follow the movie. So, if you were hoping to sing along with some of your favorite tunes, then think again. While I’m fine with being immersed in a different language and culture, some may be annoyed that they cannot follow along due to the language barrier.
While the show is an all-ages production, I wouldn’t recommend bringing your kids and not because I think the naked form is a taboo. Young children can just ruin the show for other guests. I’m a selfish adult traveler and these are expensive tickets.
Tip: If you just want to see boobs and buts, then there are other places in Montmartre that offer such delights for a lower price.

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