Writing and Editing Services

Getting Help From a Pro

“Your Words But Better”

I’ll copyedit your manuscript, copy, and other content for grammar, flow, and structure. I recommend this type of editing for more experienced writers or those who just want their content technically fixed without too much other influence. This is a light editing touch for typos and punctuation errors as well as consistency and language.

“Let’s Tell Your Story”

Tired of working in an echo chamber of your own thoughts? Let’s talk about your work and the best ways to write it! This type of editing enlists me as your teammate and sounding board. While I’ll suggest changes via comments, it will be up to you to utilize these. In addition to copyediting, line editing services will include the following:

  • Fixing word redundancies and verbosity issues
  • Tightening up sentences
  • Insight into more dynamic storytelling
  • Improve flow, narration, and transitions
  • Higher focus on language, tone, and style
  • Final proofreading pass

“Your Story, Our Words”

Have a great story but not the skill to tell it? Let me help you find the words by using some of mine! This type of editing requires a bit of trust, as I glean your tone and style and transform basic sentences into a gripping tale. This process is more hands-on for both of us as we work together to establish the voice and flow. 

This type of editing requires multiple passes. In addition to line and copyediting, ghostwriting services include the following:

  • Transforming ideas into thoughtful sentences
  • Enhancing paragraph flow and other transitions
  • Storytelling based on notes and outlines
  • Final proofreading pass

To inquire about using my skills on projects or for a full-time position, please contact me directly.

My first publication was at eight years old in a book of children’s poetry. While it was fun to see my words in print, it was the thought of invoking those same feelings in readers that grabbed my interest in writing.